Nathan Mol

My name is Nathan and I was born to diamond mine workers in the North West Territories somewhere between the Summer of 1963 and the Winter of 1976...we are still trying to track down my original Birth Certificate. I am the youngest of 10 children. We have a set of twins, triples and quadruplet’s in my immediate family...I, however, was born last and alone. While all of my other ‘multiple’ siblings stayed up North to follow in my parents footsteps, I left at an early age to find my own way in the world. In Grade Two, I went to my first carnival in Yellowknife one summer; I was enchanted with the noise, lights and atmosphere. Growing up in a home with no electricity, the carnival provided a stark contrast to my humble beginnings.   Instead of going home with my family that night, I ran away with the Carnival at the tender age of 9. 

The novelty of growing up in a traveling Carnival soon wore off. I tried my hand at the cotton candy machine, was briefly a bumper cars attendant and most regrettably a cage cleaner for the Carnival’s Elephants. I quickly realized that if I was going to succeed in life I was going to have to pursue an education of different sorts. I acquired my High School Diploma through correspondence by the time I was 17. I had my heart set on going abroad for my University Education. I applied to numerous prestigious schools in the United Kingdom, among them Oxford and Cambridge. Regrettably, my dreams of being becoming a Medieval Philosophy Scholar were crushed when I did not receive so much as a response from any of the 18 schools I applied for.
My next plan was to travel abroad and see the world from a different point of view. I had heard of amazing opportunities to teach English oversees and decided that that was my true calling. However, due to a translation/communication error, when I arrived in Bangkok I was shocked to discover that I signed a two year contract with International Male Escort Serivce...not the ‘English as a Second Language Teachers Association’.   Being the adaptive and friendly person that I am, I decided to embrace this new challenge and subsequent ‘phase’ in my life with open arms. It was during these next two years that I honed my communication skills...skills that contributed to a large part of my current success today as an up and coming Real Estate Agent. It was also during this time that I met my future wife. 
Nineteen year old divorcee, Bobby Jo Lamay from Louisiana, was on vacation in Southeast Asia in the Summer of 1993 when we first met.   She had decided to use her divorce settlement money on an exotic vacation, in an attempt to get over the hurt from her first failed marriage to a prestigious donkey farmer in the United States. As fate would have it she requested the use of my services her first night in town. It was fate, the very next morning I quit my lucrative career as a Male Escort and proposed to Bobby Jo. Considering that there was considerable age difference between the two of us, we decided to keep our love a secret for many years. 
Finally, after not having seen my family in 25 years, I decided it was time to go home. I brought Bobby Jo back to my parents shack in the Northwest Territories to start our life. After the birth of our sixth child in as many years, I decided that I wanted to expose my children to a different upbringing than my own. I tried to follow in Papa’s footsteps but I felt as though my natural gifts for flirting and good conversation were going to waste in the cold, dark Diamond Mines. Wanting to have a respectable career, something that my now 9 children could be proud of, I chose Real Estate. Today I am in the ‘Top 5 of 43 year old’ Real Estate Agents in the Edmonton area and I could not be happier with my life!